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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in


But the feeling now is that the "majority" voted for a hard Brexit (Brexit means Brexit) and the government doesn't want to rock the boat with all those voters who will remember a softening or watered down version when it comes to a General Election.

Campaigning for anything other than the sledgehammer departure is just shouted down with a selection of the same "leave" rhetoric used for the referendum.

Probably the next best thing is to let the hammer fall then try to salvage something after the fact.
Perhaps, but politics is an art of compromise. It doesn't have to be simply a hard Brexit. I think FMOP was one of the things the EU got right, but I can understand why many don't like it. I'd also like to see the UK remain in the single market. If the EU are sensible with their negotiations, they'd let the UK can remain in the single market whilst allowing them to impose quotas on immigration. This would be a solution that would keep all sides happy, and it's something Remainers should be speaking up for.

The only issue in all this is that the EU isn't sensible.
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