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Re: Wow, CHF to GBP exchange rate is pretty crazy at the moment...

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Well thats about the size of the British Automobile industry these days a few small factories building replacement parts for peoples old Austin Healys or Robin Reliants.

Ha, you have to laugh at the feckwits who voted out, they have stitched everybody up including themselves. I don't think the pound will be strong again for a very long time or ever as Britain doesn't really have a great deal to offer the world anymore.

Funny thing is the Brexiters thought if they left the EU they would be dictating the terms of business, but actually its quite the opposite. It will affect Switzerland too as there isn't going to be any more niceties to those that chose to stay out in the first place. Nationalism is a sick thing.
I don't laugh at those who voted out any more than those who voted stay. If anything I laughed at the feckless ones who thought "out" would have no immediate, transitional, or long term negative effects, the same as I laughed at the stay voters who seem(ed) to want to refuse to recognise what appears to have been a properly counted democratic vote.

I don't know what the long term consequences of Brexit will be. I suspect that they will be a mixture of good and bad. At issue is how the good and the bad concentrates on any one subgroup of British society. Membership in the EU didn't affect the distribution of consequences as far as I can tell, I suspect non membership will affect it in just about the same way with one possible exception: Post Brexit politicians will not be able to stand aside and imply or let people think that their woes are the result of some outside group interfering in the nation's affairs. In that sense nationalism is not really that sick a thing, insofar as it says "As a group we are responsible for our own fate, and if we falter it is because some of us have gained enough power to lead us down a false path.".

Hopefully Brexit will turn out to reduce the prevalence of positions which start from "We are unhappy and it is someone else's fault, and there is nothing we can do about it without extreme measures." Even when this belief is true it generally doesn't help bring about positive change, because, amongst other things, it can lead to a particularly sick and dangerous kind of nationalism.
If everyone you know agrees with you consistently, they are either not listening, or not capable of critical thought.
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