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Re: Need opinion: memory foam vs spring mattress? (+ where to buy)

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Good morning on a cold Sunday,

I'm looking for a good mattress as I've had some back pain recently from the one we have in our rental.

My requirements are:

100 x 210 or 100x220 dimensions
Price range up to 6000chf
Side sleeper, never on back or stomach.
Looking for good quality, not sure on type

I was not initiated until now in the world of mattresses and always thought memory foam ones were the cheap ones. But with research lately I see they are now the best ones as with gel you don't get hot anymore.

So the question is: who has experience of using both memory foam and spring mattresses and which would you recommend? What should I be looking for to buy a quality mattress?

Also: I tried Magic Schlaf Zug and Fischer&Margraf. Any other online places you recommend? As they all buy from Germany anyway if I was willing to drive somewhere and buy it from there would it be worth it?

Thanks in advance for your comments

I too have back problems and have tried both. We went from sprung to memory foam and very quickly back to sprung. I just couldn't get comfy and my back ache became worse with the memory foam.
Bought the most recent from the mattress shop near Movenpick on Baarstrasse in Zug, sorry can't remember the name at the moment. Expensive but worth it in my opinion. They have a number so stores, the one in/on edge of Zurich has a bigger selection and the guy there speaks English. They are made to order in Italy I think and the lead time to delivery is 2 to 3 months.
Lots of natural fibres used and they have winter and summer sides so you don't get too hot.
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