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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Sadly May and her circus of "turf fighters" are unable to define and stay with a policy for more than five minutes.

The latest PR disaster is "The government has abandoned plans to force businesses to reveal how many foreign staff they employ, following widespread condemnation and accusations that the policy was akin to tattooing workers “with numbers on their forearms”."


Do we really have no one better than this bunch of clowns to negotiate Brexit for us?

Maybe it is a clever plan to lull the EU into believing the negotiators are idiots? Anyone remember Black Adder?
Strange day today.

Some newspapers today are claiming that May will now allow a Parliament debate before Art. 50 is invoked. I am getting to the stage where I do not care any more what the Tory Party does but it would be nice if they stuck with any policy decision for more than five minutes. Source

Tesco are claiming they will ban Unilever products from their shelves (including Marmite ) because Unilever are seeking a 10% price increase due to currency. Source.

The ft is claiming that UK faces a £20Bn divorce bill to leave the EU

Meanwhile if you still believe Britain will get a sweet deal out of Brexit because “the EU needs the UK more than vice versa”, ask yourself: why don’t we hear European politicians pleading with Britain “not to punish the EU over Brexit”?

As for “punishing” the UK, the EU has far too much on its plate to indulge in punitive expeditions. It will defend its national and continental interests with as much vigour as Britain will. And, since the EU is more than seven times bigger, it will impose its will.

Whatever the political darlings of the billionaire-owned British press tell themselves and their followers, Brexit will mean what the EU decides it means.

Dominic Grieve, a former attorney general, said there were likely to be economic risks and a “legal nightmare” caused by Brexit, as he argued there was a longstanding convention that major treaty changes must be approved by parliament rather than royal prerogative.

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