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Re: Wisdom Teeth Removal - Doctor Reccomendations

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Hi Rob,

I guess now I understand why our practice has grown so much in the last 3 years - we charge too little!

Kidding aside, there is a discrepancy here that is intriguing.

First, a quote for 2000 CHF to remove 4 teeth is almost impossible to arrive at based on Swiss SSO pricing guide, unless these were wisdom teeth that had to be cut out of your jaw in pieces and took 2 hours for the procedure. Or the dentist had to gave you 12 doses of anesthetic because you couldn't be numbed (this is a joke, no sane dentist will risk your life giving you that many doses). Just to give you a comparison, we had one patient last week who needed 9 teeth removed. As the procedure was done at one time and less anesthetic doses were needed, and since these were easy front teeth and pre-molars, the whole procedure cost 863 CHF, including the follow up exam.

Second, if your procedure was THAT complicated to warran the 2000 CHF price tag in Switzerland, there would be no way it will only cost 500 euros. We know the prices in Germany - my wife (Dr. Ianev - or Deniza by first name) is German, both her DDS and Masters in Prostodontics are from Germany and she practiced there for 7 years.

Third, if this was a complicated procedure, it is surprising that 5 dentists in Basel came to the same treatment conclusion and were within the same ballpark! We know a dentist around us who owns a Cerec milling machine and who likes to sell patients on 3000 CHF crowns even though a patient may need only a small filling. We have also seen cases where patients came for a second opinion when a dentist tried to sell them on expensive procedures involving removing healthy teeth and replacing them with implants. So we would expect to see more of a variety in quoted prices.

If you feel comfortable and don't mind sharing, please send couple of the quotes from Basel and the invoice from Germany and I will ask Deniza to review them. Just intrigued by the price difference.

This was a few years ago so I don't have any paperwork. They were wisdom teeth horizontal non exposed and needed the gum cut and the tooth cut into 4 pieces for removal. Ref the quotes it ranged from 2-2500chf. The German place is very busy so maybe good prices but also a lot of referals .
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