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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

What a bed wetter. Imagine him in the blitz.

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I have absolutely no shadow of a doubt that if the referendum was run again now, knowing what we do now, the result would be Remain, and by a reasonable margin.
It wouldn't. Leave would win again, and with a bigger margin. Despite the daily output of lip quivering opinion pieces in the Grauniad.

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We need to take Brexit seriously - according to an Ipsos MORI study today;
in Britain, immigration is the number one worry, and we have the highest reported level of worry about immigration of any country included in the study (42%).
Sovereignty was the main reason that people voted leave not immigration. See link above. Remainers always want to make this about immigration.

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Irish leaders have warned of an economic “disaster” on both sides of the border without decisive action to confront the effects of Britain’s impending departure from the EU.

Amid warnings of “incalculable consequences” for the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland as the Brexit process unfolds, Ireland’s prime minister Enda Kenny will convene an unprecedented cross-border summit of political leaders to consider what steps to take.

Shame that Ireland is being sucked into this financial black hole!
But but, won't the EU ride in on a great white horse and save the day for Ireland?

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From the ft and from the gone but not forgotten...
Nick Clegg warns of crippling rises in food and wine prices if we leave EU without trade deal.

Mr Clegg, now the Lib Dems’ EU spokesman, will publish a new report warning of crippling trade tariffs (under World Trade Organisation rules the same tariffs will have to be slapped onto products imported from Europe) which will slap 59% onto the price of beef, 40% on cheese, 38% on chocolate and 14% on wine if we do not get a trade deal in two years.

“The only way the Government will be able to avoid this outcome is if it maintains Britain’s membership of the Single Market,” Mr Clegg said.
It's a good thing the UK doesn't produce cheese or chocolate. Funny that this is being led by Clegg and Miliband, who's biggest claim to fame is the complete destruction of their respective parties.

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