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Re: Torrent Download - legal or not

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There's a whole industry involved in monitoring torrent downloads and sending out speculative letters to try to get some money. Then there's a whole industry involved in offering to defend these claims. We got caught out by this by (illegally) downloading one movie in Germany. I always heard in Switzerland there's some kind of "piracy tax" included in everyone's internet fees but I don't know how true that is. In Germany, the ISPs are supposed to only give out subscriber information if there's a strong case for criminal activity but it seems they give the details to anyone who asks. I'm told in Switzerland they don't give out the details so easily.
Yes, I've heard from germans receiving a fine of 1000€ for downloading a couple of mp3 files.

Anyway I think that these american organizations control more the new films. If you download some old films (2+ years old) once in a while it's not going to be a problem.

Internet is so complicated to control... you have the streaming sites (with no upload), or you have programs like soulseek for music with no upload if you don't want.
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