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Re: Building a kitchen in a non-living space?

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The cellar is fully underground, the windows are only window wells.
Window wells? Damn, I really suck with the English construction terms... is it something like this?

You might get around the window problem as it's a kitchen, but it would take a nice conversation with the Bauamt. Don't give up on that account. The biggest problem is really the Ausnützung - if you have it, you don't need to give up on the project that quickly .

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So how does Botta and his ilk get away with their windowless designs?
Usually Botta builds public buildings - museums and such - which have slight different rules. Also, he makes roof windows of ridiculous dimensions for zenith light. I found the Museum of Modern Art in San Francisco by chance (I was just doing time around my hotel waiting for the convention to start). It was the first Mario Botta building I visited. It was an amazing experience, and that zenith light on the core of the building - after you pass through the darkness of the shell - was absolutely breath taking. Do not discard his buildings that quickly just coz they look like a big block of bricks Go inside if you can!

He extended the kitchen 1.5 meters & believes he will just have to pay a fine at the end of the day for overbuilding.
What one belives and what one gets in the end is quite often 2 completely different things. I've had 2 complete opposite results: some client decided to do the garden different from what we had projected and built: had to pay a HUGE fine and put it back to how we built it. Second guy converted an attic into a room - paid HUGE fine, but was able to keep it (because he still had the ausnützung for it). Doing work like that without a permit is like trying to cheat in Vegas - you might get away with it, or you might end up in the desert.

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