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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I'll use the well worn example of hanging. Put to a popular vote, the majority of Brits would support the re-introduction of capital punishment, especially for paedophiles, terrorists etc.. (51% in favour according to a 2010 MORI poll).

Why are we ignoring the will of the people here and not for something which will have a much greater impact on our economy, lives and children's future?

I am just as confused as anyone else which is why I want greater discussion and debate on this issue and not a headlong leap into the unknown. If BREXIT is truly better of us as a nation then I would be fully behind it, who wouldn't want to pull back sovereignty from the EU? But not if it means greater poverty, inequality and wholesale trashing of rights previously enjoyed by the masses.

The cuts and excuses by government are already rolling in.. with BREXIT the convenient scapegoat
Short answer have a referendum and bring back hanging if that's what the people want. That's democracy.

It could have been a lot worse with Osborne and chums hanging around.

To be clear

1. Parliament should vote
2. Parliament should agree on the terms of the exit on ALL sides of the house.
3. They should present these plans to their constituents.
4. Trigger article 50.

Guessing what will/won't happen is pretty much raising a finger in the air to test the temperature. NO one knows.

There could be a collapse of the EU for many reasons.

IT/FR/DE get an out vote too.

Bank collapses in the EU, such as Deutschebank taking out the Euro.
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