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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I don't see how. The fact that the remaining candidate pulled out because of overwhelming support for May in the previous votes doesn't negate the fact that she's duly elected as leader of the Conservative Party.

"May won the first round of voting on 5 July, receiving support from 165 MPs, while Andrea Leadsom received 66 votes and Michael Gove collected 48. According to The Guardian, May was "almost certain to be among the final two candidates."[124] After the results were announced, May said she was "pleased" and "grateful" for the support of other MPs and confirmed that she wanted to unite the party and the UK, to negotiate the "best possible deal as we leave the EU", and to "make Britain work for everyone".[125] The two candidates with the fewest votes, Liam Fox and Stephen Crabb, immediately announced their support for May.[126] May came in first place in the second ballot on 7 July with an overwhelming majority of 199 MPs against 84 for Leadsom and 46 for Gove, who was eliminated.[127] Afterwards, May stated that she was delighted with her support among MPs, and she progressed to a vote of the Conservative Party membership against Leadsom[128]

On 11 July, Leadsom announced her withdrawal from the leadership contest hours after May had made her first campaign speech, citing her lack of support amongst Conservative MPs as being a hindrance to becoming a credible prime minister.[129] As the sole remaining candidate, May was declared Leader of the Conservative Party that evening.[130][131] Soon after she became Leader of the Conservative Party by default on 11 July 2016, David Cameron announced that he would tender his resignation as prime minister two days later, making May the UK's second female Prime Minister after Margaret Thatcher."

Assuming Leedsom got all of Gove's supporters she would still only have 130 votes against May's 199. Are you or your brother saying that if any candidate drops out of any election for any post then the result of whoever wins is invalidated?

At least Mrs May is in good company:

"Herbert Henry Asquith (1908); David Lloyd George (1916); Winston Churchill (1940); Anthony Eden (1955); Harold Macmillan (1957); and James Callaghan (1976), John Major (1990) and Gordon Brown (2007)" - all "unelected" PMs.
"May was declared Leader of the Conservative Party" Indeed, declared, not elected.
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