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Re: Will Hillary Clinton run for president again?

I don't think so. You're looking for collusion where none exists. And the polls were close with respect to popular vote, but failed on electoral college.

There is a degree of uncertainty inherent in all estimation. I believe modeling turnout may be the sticking point.

This could drive poll aggregators to use more open source methods. And yes, I expect it's a topic that will be studied.
I don't have any linkage on collusion with the polls, but according to leaked emails, there was definitely collusion between the Hillary campaign and mainstream media outlets (CNN, NYT, etc.). The polling organisations are often publicly traded and sure owned by some interests.

On the inaccuracy of the polls, remember that the media and you amongst them worked very hard to shame people for supporting Trump. Racist, bigoted, deplorable and all, I'm sure that many voters did not bother to publicly tell the truth about how they will vote. That is the problem with trying to beat people over the heads like that.
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