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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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You do realize at this point, that this man has no respect WHATSOEVER for the minorities? He's degraded jews, blacks, Mexicans, disabled, etc with no thought of the consequences. And he was just elected to the highest office in the USA.
That very fact fills me with dread. That someone with so little concern for his fellow man should now stand to represent the Free World.
He beat up his chef because the food didn't please him. He forced himself on his wife Ivanka (before she sold herself out on a gag order tied to her divorce settlement). He has forced himself on a large number of women, only some of whom have come forward.
He has shafted small businesses and short-changed business partners. He has maneuvered his way out of paying taxes for the last 18 years. He pretends to give to charity, but his foundation is murky at best and last we heard, he played with contributions to make it look like he gave far more.
His Trump University was a huge scam (renting hotel convention centers to give phony talks in real-estate).
His business acumen is debatable - but now he'll be running the economy.
All we can hope for is that the éminences grises who'll really be running the show know what they're doing - DT certainly doesn't, he's winging it - and that their pony does as he's told. Otherwise the expression 'smouldering rock' that I read on Twitter is an unfortunately graphic reminder of what this could all come to.

No, I don't realise all those allegations. It should have been brought up before election for fact checking, no? Did he also eat children?
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