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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

Because I am not a misanthrope, am Canadian (neighbours) and have lots of great American friends - I wish him success.

Lets be honest here, though. Is there anything - anything at all in his past that points to him being a good president? Has he shown himself to be anything but thin skinned and petty? Ego obsessed? Tacky? Angry? Has he shown integrity in his business and personal life? Has he ever shown any love of country expressed through any meaningful public service or philanthropic effort? Does he show aptitude for the real job at hand (aside from self promotion and stirring up negative sentiment). Does he show any exceptional intelligence? Knowledge of foreign or domestic affairs? Any sign of caring to know about foreign or domestic affairs?

No. no, no, no, no, and no. He has not done anything or behaved in any way that shows he is fit for this job. Quite the opposite. Why would the common man think he is on their side when he has a long list of slights against them (non payment, egregious lawsuits, poor treatment of employees) and even built a company whose main operation was to defraud them of money (Trump U).

I understand the need for change. I do. But he is a bad joke, that is making the whole country and its citizens look like a bad joke. The only consolation I take is that the worst of his traits will hopefully be kept in line by his handlers (i.e. keep the man away from Twitter, for the love of God).

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