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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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To the innitial question: is it possible to be a good president in the USA? What does it mean? And to whom? By our, European interests and standards? By standards of folks who live there? Who voted him? He will be god to them. He will not have it easy, I don't think. No pity for him from me, either, but it us not like he cares nor should care. These debates empower posters but in the end, I think, it is a situation for people in the USA to change. Not even their "savior" president can do much if everybody just waits for some orange prophet to show up and do miracles. Maybe his voters do not think about this. The work of progress and improvement is waiting for them.
As Trump pointed out, he wasn't running for pope nor President of the world, but solely as the President of the US. So I think Europeans should expect to develop self-sufficiency in terms of their defence needs.
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