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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Where did he fail?
Thanks for chuckles.

Let's see. Just on foreign policy:

-Invasion of Libya
-Post-invasion Libya
-Not acting to save our ambassador in Benghazi (not even trying)
-Backing the mullahs during Iran's Green Revolution
-His "red line" in Syria
-Arming unsavory types in Syria (and to no benefit)
-Treating ISIS as a "JV" team (his quote)
-Allowing Iran to control territory all the way to the Mediterranean
-Legitimizing Iran's nuclear program
-Paying $1.7 billion in ransom to Iran, which uses the funds for Hezbollah, the Houtis, et al.
-Letting Yemen fall
-Gross mismanagement of the Afghan war
-Hanging our Slavic allies out to dry on the Missile Shield as an attempt to reset relations with Putin
-Letting the Russians back into the Middle East
-Letting the Russians take control in Syria
-Russia's annexation of Crimea
-Russia's invasion of eastern Ukraine
-Losing the Philippines to China's orbit
-Letting the Chinese seize the South China Sea

... I know I'm leaving things out.
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