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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

The Trump/Pence supporters in the South are referred to as rednecks. It's those rednecks that are the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel voting block in the US. Yet the media would have you believe that they're a bunch of antisemites.

The Left are the antisemites in today's world, both in the US and especially the UK. Yet the media is scaring Jewish people into thinking it's the Republicans that are antisemites. They're manipulating you.

And Trump, although the biggest douchebag to get elected to the Presidency since LBJ, reportedly was the first to desegregate his golf club in Florida (WSJ article from 1997) and open them to blacks and Jews, yet the media has people believing that he's Hitler's shadow. Is he an arsehole? Undoubtedly. Is he an antisemite? Does he hate blacks? Definitely not.

And the media would have you believe that Trump, a twice-divorced atheist, will impose theocracy on the US. It's so transparently false.

The left crying wolf about the Republican candidate every four years is why so many people could still hold their noses and vote for Trump. It's completely counterproductive for leftists to do this but they persist.
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