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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Why shouldn't they poke them? At the end of the day he had a phone call with Taiwan, nothing more.

China on the other hand annexed Tibet and the world just watched. They're now building islands in the South China Sea in places they've no business being.

I don't understand how people can criticise Trump on this. He spoke to a democratically elected leader, and people are worried he has offended what essentially is a communist dictatorship.
I think that's precisely the problem. Trump has no political experience and presumably no respect for diplomacy, which, to the average Trump fanboy is fabulously refreshing and the way forward. Unfortunately, most of the rest of the world rightly or wrongly isn't at this way of working.

It's like sending a toddler in to run a university. Cute and funny for the parents and relatives with a vested interest in the toddler, cooing and posting pics and anecdotes on Instagram, as well as banging on about how "special" and "talented" he is. Embarrassing and a disaster in the making for everyone with experience in running universities.
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