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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Isn't the whole "one flag and one national anthem thing" of the EU an attempt to make people believe the EU is a "single nation" entity.
Nationalism is not the same thing as Fascism; that's grossly simplistic.

Nationalism came to the fore during the enlightenment around the time that the divine right of kings started breaking down and pretty much every nationality has been 'invented' as a result. What is it to be British, after all, but various ethnic groups who ended up under one government because Elizabeth I was childless? Spain, a nationality based little more on a marriage? Italy was as much a geographic term as anything else. All these nations have had a nationality invented for them long before Fascism was around.
Or are you implying the present EU is fascist?
It probably would have succeeded in selling the idea of a European nation far better if it were. Reality is that such is the taboo in Europe regarding Fascism and nationalism (Germans were pretty mooted about supporting their national sportspeople until after reunification) that the EU has avoided using nationalism as a binding force.

George W Bush probably did more to foster European nationalism than the EU ever did when he went to war in Iraq and ignored overwhelming European opinion.
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