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Re: Our neighbour took down our Christmas lights

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Yesterday I hung out some christmas lights onto our patio/balcony which faces Niederdorfstrasse. This morning I got up and our neighbour, I assume, had taken them down and thrown them on the patio. I assume its the neighbour as they had left a big sign in their window saying "DIES IST KEIN FERNSEHGERÄT, NO TV HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!" I don't really understand what he means by that, but the sign wasn't there yesterday so I assume its for us and its facing our patio.

Are you not allowed to hang Christmas lights? are there some regulations regarding this? I tried to find something on google but couldn't find any information.

I obviously don't want to cause any drama with the neighbours, but I found this quite rude...
His sign reads " this is not a television, no TV here"; I suspect he means that he doesn't want to be looking at one of those tastelessly over-decorated houses seen in adverts all the time (not that I'm suggesting your lights were necessarily tasteless). You might think the lights are pretty and festive, your neighbours have the right to disagree..... although they really should have spoken to you about their objections, not just taken them down during the night!

Personally I think it's a bit early to be putting decorations like this up, and if they're the sort that flashes constantly then doubly so. My neighbour hangs ones like that on his front balcony and balustrade and has been asked by the people across the valley to turn them off during the night...... ask being the operative word here. I can't see them as he's next door rather than opposite but I certainly would have complained otherwise, it's another form of pollution really.
Edit; I see yours aren't flashing ones, so slightly better.... he's probably annoyed that they were on all night, so turn them off?

One indicator of what's allowed would be to check out what others in your building are using, if no-one else has similar decorations then there might be a reason?

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