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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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The solutions to this are to completely withdraw from the single market or clearly state that we want to adopt one of the existing models at a price that I believe would be unacceptable to the Leave voters.
I think the stance of the Brexiteers is increasingly ideological and favouring a clean break for three reasons:
  • A belief that the UK can return to a pre-common market set-up where it was happily trading with the Commonwealth, a leg NZ lamb was 1.25 and generally ruling the waves.
  • A fear that to get access to the common market, the UK may end up having to accept freedom of movement - or worse still, the Norway model, where the UK would effectively be an EU member where it comes to following the rules, but with no say in setting them.
  • A fear that maintaining a close trading relationship with the EU would inevitably result in rejoining the bloc down the line.
We're looking at a political landscape that is decreasingly dominated by Realpolitik and more so by Idealpolitik, I think - so I wouldn't count on reason as the main guiding force for where the UK goes next.
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