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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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But I did not see voting for Brexit as a solution; do you know the expression "cutting off your nose to spite your face"?
Not really. If your situation is slowly but surly getting worse and worse, then you're probably better off bringing the whole system to a crash and forcing it to start over sooner rather than later. Better than a slow death.
The Referendum Bill was debated in Parliament where many Eurosceptics sat and could amend if so inclined?
None of them would know what to do with actual power. Euroscepticism is a reactionary ideology - if the UKIP ever actually got into government, they'd piss themselves.
"the principle of sovereignty supersedes all other arguments" The same people who complain about the wish that Parliament is involved in the Brexit process?
I never suggested those people are not also full of s**t. It's like the argument that the EU is undemocratic - fine, make it democratic and invest power in the European Parliament - watch how quickly they go cold on democracy then.
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That wouldn't have kept them from working out at least a concept of what's to follow, something to start off of.
I think they were completely surprised and have seen a successful exit from the EU, so far down the line that Brexit came as a complete shock.
Assuming they're not intending a "burn all bridges" strategy, preventing that destruction (if one considers it a realistic possibility) requires the same as above.
No. They really would destroy a nation for their principles. We've just gone through about 30 years of Realpolitik, so you're probably not that familiar with quite how bat-s**t crazy the proponents of Idealpolitik are.
Let's say things remain as they are now and May invokes 50 in March '17, but EU rejects because they found it to be unconstitutional without explicit parliamentary bill. What would you say then, and what would be likely consequences?
They'll strong-arm it through Parliament, of course. The present appeal is in the hope they don't have to go through all that hassle, but if they have to they will and while some will rebel, many will remember what happened to Zac Goldsmith when he voted against his constituency, on the subject.
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