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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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What's becoming increasingly clear in this BREXIT saga is that the will of the people was not accurately reflected in the voting patterns, leaving a result which actually damages the interests of the people it was intended to serve, and serving instead the malign objectives of other states.
What exactly was the accurate will of the people then? I ask, because the British people were asked 'do you want the UK to leave the EU?' and they responded 'yes'.

Now, they may have really meant to have voted to "do you want to limit EU immigration to the UK, but suffer no negative consequences?" but ultimately they didn't and they exercised their right to vote without seemingly having a clue what they were doing and now perhaps regret their decision, now they handed over the reigns to the likes of Farage and Davis, but that's what they did and the cake and eat it option that perhaps they really wanted was never on the table.

Sorry, that's democracy. Your right, your mess.
Those who have watched the American elections and its aftermath will already be informed as to how agents of the Russian state propelled a once hopeless candidate through the election procedure, against all odds, securing him the current position of president elect.
It's debatable the Russians did anything (forgive me for not blindly taking the word of the same clowns who assured us Iraq had WMD). It's even more debatable that anything they may have done had any real impact and last but not least the whole Russian conspiracy theory sounds like denial from HRC supporters who simply don't want to admit that they ran a bad candidate. A month ago, these same theorists were blaming women voters for having betrayed their own gender.

Let's face it; Trump was a joke candidate. With scandals popping out of every direction and clearly not qualified to hold office. Even his 'own' party had difficulty supporting him. So, the Russians leaked out some stuff about Hillary's emails and this cost her the election, while Donald 'grab them by the pussy' Trump was able to shrug off his various scandals and win?

Trump should never have even gotten close to winning, let alone actually doing so. That he did is not down to the Russians and wallowing in this conspiracy does nothing other than ensure that those who supported Clinton will end up learning nothing from it all and will end up losing again next time.

As for the Russians being involved in Brexit too - first I've heard of it. Hold on while I reach for my tin-foil-hat.

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