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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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"the word of the same clowns who assured us Iraq had WMD" I did not find this childish statement to be credible when Trump made it and repeating it does not make it more credible.
So, why is that a childish statement, outside of the fact you disagree with it?
The events of 14 years ago have little relevance to today.
What? There's a statute of limitations on facts?

Look, it suits you to accept the CIA on this occasion because what they're claiming suits your agenda. I get that. I'm a fair bit more cynical about civil servants, their reliability and motivations. Just as I was with the FBI's intervention during the campaign, or was that a bad call for you?

Anyhow, you never got past my criticism of the CIA in your response. Not much I can do with that. As I said, for me blaming the Russians appears simply to be a way to avoid any self criticism on the part of the HRC supporters, because what ultimately damaged her more had nothing to do with email.
Anyway they would not be the "same clowns"; they will have been moved on or out years ago and now the CIA reports to the Director of National Intelligence not direct to the President.
And replaced by...
CIA has over 20,000 employees so labelling them all with the Iraq failure is not realistic.
I'm sure it didn't take all 20,000 of them to conclude that Saddam had WMD.
Finally let us not forget Saddam himself claimed he had WMDs
Let's hope that's not where the CIA got their intelligence on the subject.
if he had allowed UN inspections he would likely still be around?
Quite possibly. Are you suggesting regime change was justified?
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