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Re: London or Zurich

I'd prefer Zurich. Ok, I grew up in Zurich and the longest time I've spent in London was only about one month. But besides the financial or tax reasons, there are several other good reasons why I'd prefer Zurich for living:

1. Zurich is not too small and not too big. That means you get everything you get in a larger city. Large choice of clubs, bars and restaurants, great shopping opportunities, wide choice of cultural activities. If you compare the choice that Zurich offers you with other cities, which have less than a million inhabitants, Zurich tops it all. But on the other hand, Zurich is not too big, so everything is near and you don't lose too much time by getting from place A to place B either.

2. The lifestile in Zurich is unique. Tell me a city where the river that flows throug it is clean enough to swim. (I wouldn't go for a swim in the Thames river, but you actually can do that in the Limmat). In addition to this, Zurich has a beautiful lake where you can spend your freetime in summer. Go swimming, waterskiing, go for a boat trip, just enjoy life.
In winter Zurich and London have about the same cold crap weather. But in Zurich you reach the mountains in less than 2 hours where you can go snowboarding, skiing or just enjoy the sun.

3. Of course London has much more inhabitants than Zurich, so the life in London is much more cosmopolitan and lively. But Zurich isn't too bad ether. I'd say Zurich is the only city in Switzerland, that actually deserves to be called a city. In other Swiss cities I thinks it's rather boring, but in Zurich I actually have the feeling to be in a city.

4. Zurich's location is also quite perfect. You don't live on an island, you live in the heart of Europe. Zurich airport has connections to all destinations you want. But you don't even have to fly to get around europe, going by train also takes you to many european destinations in a good time.

5. In the Mercer Human Resource Consulting ranking of the quality of life in cities around the world, Zurich is rated first place. This for example because of the quality of its banking services, internal stability, international relationships, low crime rate and good health facilities.

6. A bad thing is the high price you pay for quite everything in Zurich. But London isn't quite cheap either. And if you live in Zurich, drive 1 1/2 hours and go shoping in Germany, where you get a lot of things much cheaper than in Zurich... In London you manage to drive 1 1/2 hours, and haven't even left the city....