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Hi LegioCorvus,

The term "American citizen" appears to mix two separate political statuses: 1) American national is a California state citizen; 2) US citizen is under the jurisdiction of the UNITED STATES, where 28 USC 3002 15(A) defines "United States" as "a Federal corporation" (

As a California state citizen, one is pledged to repay the US Federal debt, which is over $19T: (This link deceptively mixes two separate entities US NATIONAL, where National, much less should it be in all capital letters (capitis diminutio: (Black's Law Dictionary, 4th edition has most accurate legal definition) does not belong and US FEDERAL is the correct entity.

US citizens were pledged to repay the US Federal Debt via income taxation regardless of where one has an abode.

Your son is safe from being naturalized as a US citizen as long as his being born was not reported to the US Embassy (to be registered/reported with Vital Statistics) and an SS-5 (Application for Social Security Number) was not submitted.

The IRS won't accept promissory notes, but they will accept a Bill of Exchange for tax payments. As a US citizen, Franklin Roosevelt passed House Joint Resolution 192 in 1933. To create and use a Bill of Exchange, one need to study the truth behind American civics. US Public Education was influenced by the Nazi Germans who fled Europe after WWII using British issued passports. They ended up in US and in Argentina.

If you and your wife were married in the State of California, then it appears that the License and Certificate of Marriage issued fictionalized her name, indicated by the use of capitis diminutio maxima.

Hope this gives you incentive to learn American history for your son's benefit.

If you're interested in correcting your political status from US citizen to California state citizen (I'm currently working on this process...), then you might consider reviewing the following links:

state Citizen passport:

US Passports for State Citizen and classes:

Dept of State's Certificate of non-citizen nationality:

Example filled out passport form:

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I don't know anything about state taxes (or taxes in general) - but I believe the general consensus in this forum about getting American citizenship for children is: "If you love them, just don't".
Appreciating this quote that I never heard before. About taxes from feudal times, the money went to the monarchy and the land belonged to the church.

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If you meet the three criteria below, you should be able to stop filing a California tax return:

Avoiding California State Income Taxes Moving Abroad

It is often difficult to give up your obligation to pay California taxes when starting to work abroad. California is an "Intent State." That California wants to continue to tax you until you show the intent of moving your tax domicile to another country or state. They look at all of the facts and circumstances in retrospect years later to determine if you actually had the "intent" to move your tax residency to another country.

There is a solution to the ambiguities involved with successfully giving up your California residency for tax purposes. That is the Safe Harbor Rule which can be used. Under that rule:
  • You must remain living and working outside of California for at least 546 days under a contract of employment;
  • You do not have more than $200,000 in investment income;
  • You do not return to California more than 45 days during any calendar year.
If you meet these criteria, you are automatically deemed to be a California nonresident for the period you work abroad even though you may still have a California drivers license, voter registration, etc.

It is important to successfully avoid California tax domicile status when living abroad since California does not allow the foreign earned income exclusion or foreign tax credits. If means if you remain a California tax resident a lot of taxes may be due.

Also, this Wall Street Journal blog on children born abroad to Americans might be worth reading:
While this information may be correct, former IRS agent in criminal division Joe Banister ( revealed the income tax is voluntary but only for state citizens. US citizens are pledged to repay the US Federal debt, ironically with annuity bonds or promissory notes. Repaying debt with debt explains the US Federal debt closing in on $20T.

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He's a US citizen, regardless of whether you get him a passport or not.


Making an assumption is part of the problem with becoming automatically a US citizen. I find it helpful to define every word using Black's Law Dictionary 4th edition (1968) because the English language appears to be legalese, which our US Public education prevent its minors from learning.

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