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What did you compromise on? (property search)

My story about our house hunting adventures and this post got me thinking... It would be interested to know what did you compromise on while house hunting here in Switzerland?

To make my long story short(er), with our first property, we wanted a larger garden and a modern apartment in a location that is less than 30 min away (door to door) with public transportation to my husbandís office. Demands were proven to be hard to meet, so at the end we said, ok we could survive without a garden and we chose an Attika apt. 10 min tram ride away from my husbandís office.

When we were craving for a garden and I was day dreaming about our dogís own little paradise with our own lawn and about growing my veggies way too much as I probably should, we realized it would be good to expand our search from renting to buying and from Zurich suburbs to small villages around Zurich.
When we were buying a house recently, we have again compromised on location (we have been looking for a perfect place all over the ZH, SZ, ZG and some AG villages with reasonable good connections to the ZH HB and to the airport. After a year and a half of intensive search, we have narrowed our search down to two properties, one in canton SZ and to the place where we currently live. At first I preferred the SZ property, BUT it had way too many stairs for our older dog and it was a semi-detached house (we preferred stand-alone house). Nevertheless the first feeling was nice there, it was cheaper, also the view was great and the tax savings wouldnít hurt either. However because of the stairs and the semi-detached thing and a (waaay) longer commute for my husband, we chose the other house above Kloten. Here we had to compromise, too. It has a large plot (based on ZH standards for new build houses) of more than 700 m2, which is great, but almost half of it is wasted on the driveway. That is why I still miss my former garden so much. But the house is brand new and huge, the neighbors are nice and my husband has his own garage with all the tools for his diy projects, so all in all it is a winner.

So how long have you been house hunting before finding your home? How did you find it? And what did you compromise on? Was it location? Or was it the garden? Or was it the age of the property? Or did you make compromises inside the house (layout, number of rooms, flooring, etc.)? Is it your dream home or do you ever regret your decision (especially if moving far away from the initially planned location?)
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