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Re: What did you compromise on? (property search)

In retrospect, we compromised on the size of garden, size of house, type of house, density of neighborhood... and an unwitting compromise, that the house is part of a Quartier. (Despite our attempts at due diligence, this little fact only surfaced after the sale.) In short, we compromised on far too much.

Great location, though. Beautiful views of the lake and mountains, easy commute to the city.

I was under a deadline to move out of the rented property, knew another rental was all but impossible. My mistake was buying with an American mindset, thinking that this will do for now, when I finally find the dream house I can easily turn around and sell this one.

The most damaging compromise was privacy. It wasn't apparent at first, as long as we had 'live and let live' type neighbors life was pretty good. Our mistake in compromising only really became apparent a few years in when a dog hater moved into the neighborhood. Because we live in a fishbowl we could not escape the nastiness.

(Cue my oft-told story of mobbing, threats, poisoning attempts... as well as the standard Nachbarkrieg stuff like blocking renovations permits, refusing to sign off on my making the entrance of the house handicap accessible, demanding all the trees be cut down, etc.)

In a property where I had a measure of privacy and more autonomy I could have ignored a difficult neighbor. Not possible here, though. We live too close to one another, and due to the legal structure of the Quartier we are too intertwined to get away from it.

So why have I not moved?

In all these years of looking I have not found another property where I would not have to make similar compromises. Better the devil I know...

It's not all gloom and doom, though.

A bit over a year ago a fantastic veterinary clinic opened less than 10 minutes away. Proximity to the clinic in an emergency is such a huge plus that it cancels out pretty much all the other ugliness. So as long as the dogs who are likely to need emergency care are alive I will stay here.

And then I will move back home.
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