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Re: Traffic Offences - Q & A Bullet points

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I was flashed by a red-light tonight. It's pretty wet/icy here in Ticino tonight. I'm from the US, and its advised and taught that if you're going at-speed (not speeding, but normal speed) and the light turns yellow that you shoul proceed through the yellow. Abruptly stopping in traffic at a yellow can cause accidents, as well as additional danger when the road conditions are not 100%.

I saw yellow when I went through, and caught a glimpse of red as I was under the light. Seeing as there was no earthly way for me to safely stop before it turned red without adding risk to myself or people around me - will this get me fined?

It kind of shocks me how short the yellow lights are here. Should I be stopping dead when I see it go from Green to Yellow? Should I hope that the people behind me are always, 100% paying attention and, too, will slam on their brakes just as I slam on mine? It seems like I'm choosing between a definite fine, or possible accident/death.

What's the deal?
If it was around a second between the change to yellow and you passing under it at 40-50km/h, there should be no problem. I did it several times and got no fine for it. If you see red then sorry, but yellow is for 5 seconds and that gives you a lot of time to brake safely (a bit abruptly but still safely).
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