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Re: Vote on allowing easier citizenship for third generation

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It doesn't matter what the parents or grandparents did in regards to integration, every case is (thankfully) judged individually. If one is integrated, and there are very big chances a "terzo" is integrated, then gaining the citizenship is a formality.
What do you propose, judging someone based on the deeds of their parents?
I agree that if a third generation 'terzo' is integrated in CH then it is not very difficult to get citizenship, like you said it's a formality. This vote is not really about them.

This vote is more about the people who are third generation born here, yet are unable get citizenship. Why are they struggling with this? Seems the most likely reason must be a lack of integration with the broader society, otherwise what is stopping them from going through the normal naturalisation process the same as everybody else?

If you are third generation born in Switzerland and you are still unable to integrate enough to get your citizenship then there is a serious problem.
And I donít think the solution to that problem is to simply make the citizenship process easier for those who, frankly, canít cut the mustard.

Citizenship of any country is a privilege and it should be earned.
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