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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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He called out what Merkel did as a "Disaster". We have compatibility issues with the germans.
And your point?

May sent a Christmas card to Trump along with a copy of the letter Churchil's letter to the US after Pearl Harbor. The bust of Churchill is also headed back to the White House. A meeting with May is one of Trump's first to do items, before Merkel.
And any of this proves your point how? The UK and US have had a 'special relationship' in place ever since the UK chose to be the 'wise Greeks' after Suez. But that does not mean that the US has their back, indeed the relationship has been largely one way over the years and given geoglobal realities such as the relative importance of Germany over the UK, it is questionable this will change.

But let's say that the US could have the UK's back. What evidence, other a few tokens of affection, is there? Will the US really put themselves on the line to help out the UK negotiate a better trade deal? What makes you so certain, other than wishful thinking?
There are many things that Trump will have a prerogative to do, without having to argue and debate with people.
Of course, but not without consequence.
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Merkel is Europe's most important leader.
Yes, is there a point there or just noise?
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