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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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I think they should work to keep the union going, by having a favorable deal with the U.K.
But that is not what the supporters of BREXIT want! They are looking for full access to the single market with out being subject to the rules of that market. No doubt that would be a great deal for the UK, but it would be total unacceptable from an EU point of view. There is no problem for the EU and the UK to negotiate a typical trade deal under WTO standards in due course but that does not seem to be what the UK wants.

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On the best terms for both, ignoring free movement, principles, tariffs and the rest of it and just say 'ok, what's best for both of us, for Europe and for you'. That's good government of your European Union. Not trying to hurt someone when they leave to scare others into staying. It's a political union for gods sake, not ISIS.
The EU has the objective of an ever closer using and part of that is a single market, exactly the same as the one which exists in each country, but on an EU scale. It is a fundamental part of that closer union, so why would you expect they should abandon their objective in favour of a trade deal with a third country. Or would you be happy to see the UK abandon it's principles for a deal with the EU????

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A few weeks ago everyone was convinced we would never get a trade deal with the u.s. Now they want to make one as soon as is possible.
Here is the thing everyone is happy to make a trade deal with you when the can sell their sh*t to you on their terms. Of course Trump will be happy to make a smart deal (mean good for the USA) with the UK, after all he will be the 500lbs gorilla in the room dealing with a much weaker opponent who badly need a deal. However whether Trump is still in office by the time such a deal remains to be seen, since the earliest negotiations be ready for approval are 2019 and after that it must go to the WTO for approval as well.
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