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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Which part of the > 50% of UK immigration being from outside the EU did you not understand?

EU immigrants still get unfair privileges, even if they do make up less than 50% of immigrants to the United Kingdom. It's a matter of principle, not numbers.

Oh and I love the bit about shared history. In Pakistan we militarily nicked their country and imposed British rule on them whether they liked it or not. And a pretty high proportion of present day Jamacians are there because their ancestory were dragged over from Africa as slaves after we (one way or another) killed the original population. A lovely shared history that is.
I never said it was lovely. But it is a fact that a Pakistani or a Jamaican is likely to have existing family links - with associated cultural links - in the United Kingdom that a Rumanian or a Lithuanian isn't likely to have.

We can't just pretend that the Empire and the Commonwealth didn't exist. They shaped the United Kingdom just as they shaped India, Bangladesh, South Africa and elsewhere. Some acknowledgment of that wouldn't go amiss.

But no. To prove we're not racist, we have to open the doors to any random white northern European, while closing the doors to people who arguably have much more of a right to settle in the United Kingdom, and who - coincidentally, I'm sure - happen to be largely black or brown.

If that's not fcked up thinking, I don't know what is.
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