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Re: Vote on allowing easier citizenship for third generation

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Though that only applies until the mid-twenties, early thirties if you include the Militärpflichtersatz.
Yep, the female part slightly longer.

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Are you aware that you just insulted one third of the voting population?
a) many SVP party-members do not agree with certain posters of SVP. b) the posters are not made up/put up by the pro-voters of SVP. c) if I have offended anybody who might think, those SVP posters are art - I don't care! They are filth, they are cheap propaganda and they pass on lies (like "unkontrolliert einbürgern" with an all covered woman - as if they wouldn't even have to show their face when handed over a passport. Which made me laugh - as a joke it was a good one, unfortunately it wasn't meant as a joke).

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Schwyzer SVP-Ständerat Alex Kuprecht also said he distances from the Burka poster, I referenced SRF in the source. It is also in Blick but to please our readers....

Source (in German language)
gseesch, Urs?

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Not sure I understand your reasoning?

Posters are posted to influence people. I and some other people were influenced by this poster.

So are you against the whole concept of advertising?
My reasoning was that a politician should not change his opinion by seeing an SVP poster and then claiming if s/he sticks to her/his opinion s/he would be supporting SVP. Reminds me a bit of Germany in the 30-ies only the other way around? Not speaking up out of fear of reputation/repercussion? Not a democratic stance.
You were influenced by that poster? NOT GOOD!
Nope, I'm not against advertising as it's a droit. But it should be informative. But even if it's not .... okay.
What I was refering to was politicians (!) claiming they can't vote what they think anymore due to the SVP posters. That is a) BS and b) they should definitely not be politicians.
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