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Re: Moving to German speaking Switzerland with a 9 yo kid not speaking German !

Dear Anahe,
It will also depend on what you and your daughter want for her future education. If you are desperate to get her into the progymansium stream higher stream leading to Gymnasium entry), changing her to a German speaking primary school so late is a risk because German is a very important subject and kids need very good grades (unless your daughter is a maths genius like Notallthere's son).

If you are open to other options and educational outcomes, such as entry into the secondary stream (intermediate stream, leading to vocational education, higher specialised secondary or, with very good grades, change to the Gymnasium after 2 or 3 years), Realschule (lower stream, leading to vocational education), then go ahead. Children do indeed learn very quick. I advise parents on schooling and I have seen positive and negative examples of integration into local school (i.e. children who did not speak the school language) at a later stage. In my opinion, it very much depends on the child (and the teacher but that is something you can't influence). If you have a resilient, robust child who is a quick learner and open to new experiences, it can work very well.
Good luck

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Thank you for these quick replies :-)

I am not sure I was clear: I have the feeling that this is a great opportunity for her to learn German. As such, I do want to enroll her in German school, even if I could organise our life differently and get her to a French speaking school.

But she is 9 and she is Swiss. Enrolling her into a Swiss German school would allow her to master French, German and English, and I feel this is a great opportunity.

So my point is NOT: how can I get her to a French school ?
My point is: am I naive or crazy to send her to a German speaking school ? Am I wrong when I think that kids learn very quickly in immersion ?

I am looking for families having sent their kids to a German speaking school while they were not speaking German.

Thank you
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