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Re: EPAM & Banking sector

Very much depends on the team, location, your Resource Manager, Test Manager and your ability to survive

Generally EPAM guys are normal and friendly, the cooperation is generally good, inter-team relations are generally relaxed, the social life is great, work/life balance is generally very positive, occasional working-from-home is supported, HR is friendly and supportive, there are support pages written by employees (and ex-employees) who have suffered the pain of various aspects of Swiss life that will help you enormously in your first few months in Switzerland. All in all, this aspect of EPAM is excellent.

A good Test Manager will keep a steady feed of work to keep his team going, a poor one will struggle to supply enough work and there may be weeks/ months where there is little or nothing to do.

A Test Manager is not normally the same as a Resource Manager, though they can be one and the same thing. A good Resource Manager will actively attend to your goals in EPAM, but a poor one will offer excuses and excuse himself from meetings, because they say they are too busy. Try to swap RMs if you can, because these people are weak that should you ever make the mistake of having an opinion, they will not back you up and you will fall......

EPAM can be a place of great internal political battles, between Test vs Development, Management vs the Executive, but without a strong & influencial Test Manager, it is a place where most non-Managerial Test staff fear to tread (or fear to have an opinion), in case they get used as a pawn and discarded (made redundant) to prove a political point for someone or as a donkey for someone else's career.

It used to be that EPAM Switzerland would employ the right people for the job (from wherever was necessary), but now they employ the cheapest people for the same job, so they have increasingly rejected Swiss or Western European applicants and prefer to import from other locations where the average salary expectations are very much lower. It is normal that these people have lower salary expectations (much lower than a Swiss person would), so accordingly they don't know to ask for it and therefore the company saves a great deal of money.

If you can survive here, then great, but beware that EPAM, though they have won a major CHF 300 million contract with UBS recently, have at the same time increasingly trimmed benefits (although there were not many to begin with) and remain economical with training (so long as you don't mind getting Training that uses up your weekend).

Good luck....
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