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Political/Scientific Webvideos Worth Watching

Hey. I decided to put them into an own post, since it was kind of out of place where it was before.

Here's a collection of videos I stumbled upon that I consider worth watching. Learn some interesting things!
================================================== ==========================================

0) The State of America with Gore Vidal :
i) ii)
iii) iv)

1) The Denial Machine :

2) Robert F. Kennedy Jr. About the Climate Challenge :
i) ii)
iii) iv)
v) vi)

3) Global Warming :

4) Former MI5 agent comments on the 9/11 investigation :

5) The Bush Family :

6) The Age of Self :
i) ii)
iii) iv)

7) Artificial Life with Craig Venter :

8) James Lovelock - The Revenge Of Gaia :

9) Who killed the electric car?

If you find something interesting, please post it too

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