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Re: All about the alt-right (in the wake of anti-Muslim shooting)

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The right always complain why aren't other muslims doing more about the terrorists.

So I guess the question to you would be, what are you doing about the extreme alt right other than electing them?
I wouldn't call Trump "extreme alt-right", altho right-wing for sure. But I think the right-wing have been pretty tame compared to the extreme left in the last years. Turn on any TV and there are alt-left protesting, rioting, burning cars and attacking people and demanding things when things don't go their way. I know alot of right-wing people who didn't like Obama or his policies, but I can't recall any massive demonstrations or protests about it? (Many especially disliked Obamacare, that drove up health insurance costs and put alot of lower-middle class into poverty.)

During the campaign, many alt-left were showing up at Trump speeches and attacking his supporters. I can't recall a single instance where Trump supporters went to a Clinton rally and attacked her supporters?

I would say in general, the political world has gotten much more polarized the last years, and the alt-right is simply a response to the alt-left. Simple as that. What can be done about it? Politicians stopping with the hyper bi-partisan crap and working towards solutions instead of firing their base up into a frenzy, that includes both left and right wing. Otherwise that's how Civil Wars start

As for the Muslim terrorist thing, that's a much deeper rooted problem, but in general, they need to reform their religion and become a little more relaxed about it. But since it's so ingrained into their culture, that's nothing that's going to happen over-night. But I think we have another thread for that
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