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Re: All about the alt-right (in the wake of anti-Muslim shooting)

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I am not very happy at all with that statement. It implies that all Germans were paid up members of the National Sozial Party, which was not the situation at all. Many decent people did not join the party.

30 years ago I was drinking with old "Nazi" men in Munich, people born before 1925. They were not at all right wing, I even went on holiday with them. In the army they had their blood group tattooed on their arms, but as they said, you either went along, agreed with the Nazis, or you spent some time in the "Dachau rest home" being indoctrinated.

In those days it was a bit like being a Republican or a Conservative party member today. Your neighbours can be extremely right wing, but you don't have to emulate them.
I did write about the run of the mill generic German, not "every" German. Of course there were various degrees of affiliation.
But anybody who was not a party member would be very suspect indeed, the system in place meant it was easier to be a nazi than not to be. It is interesting to note that after the war there were so many Germans who claimed that they were not nazis, never had been, hated Hitler. But most of those were lying to themselves. There was no other way, informers were everywhere, think of the informeller Mitarbeiter of the STASI, people who informed the authorities without even realising that they were doing wrong (according to our 21st century sensibilities) last winters badge from the “Winterhilfswerk” would put you on the watchlist of the authorities like last years Vignette on the windscreen of your car will in CH, little things like that. Grandma, up until the day she died hated the Nazis but loved Hitler, and all he stood for, is that hypocritical? No it was how things were perceived by a lot of people, we never had “Kaiserwetter” we had “Führerwetter” as kids for instance.
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