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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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How many billions of dollars are spent each year by cosmetics companies basically saying to women "use this beauty product and you can live this life", and how many women fall for it?
I think that suggests here women have a choice. Use the product or don't use the product, or use someone else's product or whatever.

The point which is rumbling around this thread is that the women employees have basically been told to "dress like a woman" which suggests there is no choice. I don't think anyone knows what would happen if a woman turns up in an ill-fitting trouser suit and Doc Martens or even an androgynous type outfit and a buzz-cut. Would she be taken aside for a quiet word in her ear? Disciplined? Written warning? Overlooked for promotion? Gulp, fired?

I guess not, but there seems to be an undertone with this order coming from the top which employees would feel compelled to follow.

Plus (and let's go really wild here), what if that sets a precedent through the rest of the corporate world? Why not, the prez has said it's fine to get your female employees to toe the line in "lady-clothes", surely we at XYZ Limited can do the same??

Comparing it to cosmetics advertising doesn't really hold the same weight.
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