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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Trump should be lib's hero. He has clearly defined his safe space: chicks should look like chicks. Lol.

Btw, why have all these demands of some, on appropriacy (even here, some claiming certain topics inappropriate for the EF and take the liberty to be the ones who determine the appropriacy or not of certain topics), on safety, on pc, on what is legit (chicks should decide between pants/skirts but guys can't)...while they do not give the same right to others. Based on who's moral compass? Isn't the president democratically voted, to be respected? I wonder if a message of disrespect, violence, civil disobediency and unwillingness to bare fair consequences actually callibrating far more serious problems in the future, than a few years of Trump's presidency?

Obstruction and protest is in my books the least quality way to chip in. It is extremely ego centric. Entitled. All the empowered prophecies are just self soothing..and self promoting. It is way too late to wake up now and want to reverse the ways things have happened, so why the theatrics? Don't people know what self integrity is? Does it mean to them to over interpret some banal and benign messages of the person who they lost to? Highschool drama, much?

Just reminds me all the marketed granola shtick or any other overblown fad people are so fed up with.
Yes, respect the leader and his strong bulldozer hand. Again, so Eastern of you. Do you even know how America works? It rose through civil disobedience and has seen worse civil disobedience in my lifetime, during Clinton's, Bush's and Obama's administrations. Some positive change resulted, many things stayed unchanged. It's fine, it's the process. It didn't get GWB out of office or prevent him from being re-elected, but years later he's seen as a joke by people on both sides of the aisle. People's actions don't always have immediate effect, sometimes it's about being on the right side of history. But glibly dismissing people's concerns and actions is not only the "least quality to chip in", but it's literally not doing shit, n'est-ce pas?
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