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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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So come on out and voice your displeasure! I absolutely support people coming out to defend or protest. What I do not support is shutting down ideas that you don't support just because they conflict with your worldview.

Milo freely admits that he is a "troll" and often trying to "trigger" a response from the groups that he is targeting. Personally, I think it can create a Win-Win if it makes people think about where they stand and what they stand for. I am not assigning Milo any noble motives, but I do think he (and many others) can be a catalyst; potentially a catalyst for both sides. In my opinion, getting people to think is a good thing, whether they think like me or not.
I am with you on a lot of this, I (personally) don't think people have a right to not be offended, especially when it is incredibly easy to avoid things likely to offend you (don't go to the Milo talk, for example).

However, like it or not, the USA despite it's much trumpeted (no pun intended) Free Speech / 1st Amendment, has many areas of speech which are not protected. Racial/etc incitement for example. It may have just been a pragmatic approach by the uni (and in the end saving Federal taxpayers money) as people offended presumably could have quite easily taken out lawsuits against the uni for permitting discrimination, etc and demanded solatium.
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