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Re: Will Trump be a Good President?

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Army of people cried against Trump revising Obamacare. I see a big extremely expensive healthcare problem - that large portion of American society lets themselves go. Expensive healthcare! I think women wanting to put a dress on might have a burger less than women waking up to sweatpants routine. They shouldn't want to do that for Mr. President, lol, but for themselves. But I also think - with selfcare comes confidence, dresses are ultimately a friendly thing to sport and - most of all, whatever little thing helps is a good thing, imho. I know this might be annoying to read, sends evidently some girls talk to their dogs, lol - but let some controversy air the cliche and stale stereotypes, for a change. Women libs did not really seem so efficient.

As per argument of us women needing to feel gratitude to Western feminists..What? I am not from there, why should I. Chicks make fun of the butch over zealous freedom fighters there. It is comical to claim progress that cannot be contributed to them. Symptomatic.

If it were as simple as not eating a burger, it would not be a problem. But it's not and it is. Maybe I do take this personally - I take it personally because these sorts of judgments are flippant and not informed.

Moreover, I am grateful to women who marched for the right to vote in the early part of the 20th century, and for women who protested for autonomy, so that women could not only vote but have their own businesses, property, bank accounts and the freedom to use birth control.

I was raised by a mother who emphasized education above all else and really pushed for me to get a good job. She also instilled in me the belief that I was worthy of the same salary as a man for the same job. At the same time, she was a good person, wife and mother. She always told me to define myself before defining myself through a man. Which I did. That's a feminist, and that's what I'm thankful for. The rest is mostly bullshit.

My mother would have called Milo a "pipsqueak". Highly appropriate.

Trump and his merry band are not exemplars of fashion, which makes it laughable that he should tell anyone how to dress.
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