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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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What are "these"?
If you have CH and US in mind the answer is "none". Though some have their seats for a very long time by getting elected repeatedly, personally I'd welcome a limit on the number of terms.

I disagree. If you vote for a party (e.g Germany) you agree to all their bullet points even though you probably don't agree to all, let alone their prioritizing. Voting for the representative directly gives you much more choice, unfortunately it also requires much more knowledge.
Perhaps I wasn't clear enough:

Life peers, hereditary peers and bishops make up a good number of the Lords. I don't agree with this and find it undemocratic.
A transferable vote or party nomination is preferable to the current situation in the House of Lords.
A direct vote for a candidate would be better still.

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"Presidents and Prime Ministers are not above the law."
You still believe the court case came about because of this?
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