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Re: Stop a running European toilet [ * tip ]

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It isn't a bad idea to turn each shut-off valve off and back on every few years, same thing goes for the main valve.

On the one hand it gives you a visual check if there are any signs of leaking at the spindle, on the other, you know that the damned thing works. It's pretty frustrating when a hose bursts and you discover that the shutoff valve for that device doesn't work... even more so when you tramp down to the basement and discover that that one won't budge either. It takes a while for the waterworks people to arrive and shut the valve outside the house (been there, done that - the feed hose for the dishwasher burst, I was in the kitchen and reacted within seconds which would have been fine, if either of the the shutoffs had worked. I ended up having to replace the kitchen cabinets).
Just checked all my stop valves because of this. The one under the sink kitchen needs fixing!
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