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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Suicide rate is alarming high for the happiest country in the world, if your earning 120k plus then possibly, if your earning under 50k then probably not. For lower earners or people who can't be bothered to work they can live far better in other places. I speak from experience retiring at 52 after living in CH longer than anywhere else as an adult. Could I be bothered to apply for a passport, this had been an option to me for 8 years...... no I could not YMMV.
Those suicides are probably a mixture of people who end up at Dignitas and those who can't bear to how good everyone else has got it!

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They ( some anyway) may be wealthy, but happy they are not (huge sweeping generalisation, based on what I see with my own eyes).
I base my "huge sweeping generalisations" on statistics rather than what I see with my own eyes. It's by no means perfect here, we're not talking Elysium, however there's a reason why Switzerland consistently ranks in the top five in quality of life studies.
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