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Re: All about the alt-right (in the wake of anti-Muslim shooting)

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So, no, the ACU should not have rescinded the invitation, because of Milo's beliefs and views regarding pedophilia.
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You suggest he should be welcomed and celebrated by the Conservative movement in spite of his views on statutory rape and paedophilia.
Milo's view on pedophilia is being lied about.

As for whether or not he should have been invited in the first place, an error here is that Milo is not really the same kind of conservative as CPAC. He admits this himself. If anything, Milo is mainly a Libertarian.

I'm not sure Milo was an appropriate keynote speaker for CPAC in the first place. They wanted to give a nod to him, as he has accompllished to reveal a large segment of conservativism that was previously overlooked. He revealed that conservatism is not confined to a racist stereotype. He revealed that Conservatism encompassed all race, genders, religions and sexual preference.

The next upcoming generation, Generation Z, appears to be more conservative than any of the other previous generations. It is this group that needs to be recognized and acknowledged, not Milo himself.
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