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Re: All about the alt-right (in the wake of anti-Muslim shooting)

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I think Milo screwed himself regardless. He was trying to delineate between puberty and age of consent, which varies from one "civilization" to another. In any case, he wasn't condoning pedophilia.

But we know people are not typically able to discern to this level of detail. Scandal and outrage serve political agendas better.
Americans can be pretty nuts where these things are concerned. When I was working as Camp Counselor many many years ago in the States, another Counselor (French, 18) got a bit close to one of the campers who was 16 and ended up necking her on one of the disco nights.

I thought he'd be out of a job and that'd be that, but the camp called the police! They wanted to get the poor sod done with statutory rape! The reaction across most of the rest of the western world would just be a shrug.
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