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Re: The Brexit referendum thread: potential consequences for GB, EU and the Brits in

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Being a tax haven alone wouldn't keep the Uk afloat. Places like the Cayman Islands benefit from having low populations and little infrastructure. I doubt that even if all the banks in the world were to transfer their tax haven relevant activities to the UK that that would generate sufficient jobs and income to keep the entire Uk afloat (or indeed whether the present workforce could adapt to such jobs). The UK also needs a serious mix of other industries including manufacturing. May understands this and is trying to do deals across the board.
Okay, I don't think May is interested in doing this, only that if the EU and the UK were to find themselves down a contentious path, there are strategic measures the UK can take that could hurt the EU as well. So the question is whether to find a mutually beneficial solution, or a contentious one.

The rhetoric from the EU sounds as if they believe the EU is an ends to itself, and worth foregoing economic pragmatism in their drive to uphold it.
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