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Re: Any English speaking genicologist in Locarno?

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Hi all, I would like to know if there is female English speaking genicologist around Locarno that I can do contact with.
I am 26 days late, bought the pregnancy test n it shows 2 line, but at the same time found also blood inside right after taking the urine for the test.
Wanted to check better with the genicologist, found some online but they didn't speak English..
Can't offer advice on where to find a gynecologist but from my own experience I also panicked when I found a little bit of blood not long after I discovered I was pregnant and apparently a tiny amount is normal because it is where the embryo plants itself into the uterine wall which can cause a bit of bleeding. Sometimes it's not noticeable, sometimes it is.

Hopefully someone can come along and recommend you a doctor in your area.
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