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Re: Any English speaking genicologist in Locarno?

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Thank you, actually I was thinking the same that a tiny amount is normal.
The blood just come out a tiny yesterday, but inside there still some, just doesn't go out unless I clean it inside and today still there as well..
I feel mild nausea and mild pain around my waist also some strange sensation in my womb.
Maybe for the sake of the baby you should just try to contact any of the gynaecologists in your area rather than wait for a recommendation or find an English speaking one.

Better to get yourself seen to by a professional than to worry yourself about bleeding and pain. It's probably all normal but I'm sure you'll feel better if you hear it from a doctor.

You can always find a new one if you're not happy. Also, you might find that the doctors themselves speak good English, it's just the receptionists that struggle.
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